My professionnal route Curriculum Vitae


Bachelor’s licence

  • Specialty: Cyber-Security
  • Obtained in 2020 at Superior school St-Jo Sup’ (Le Havre – France)

BTS – Service Informatique aux Organisations

  • Specialty Networking Services
  • Obtained in 2013 at Lycée Flaubert (Rouen – France)

Baccalauréat – Litterature

  • Obtained in 2011 at La Providence (Fécamp – France)



  • Score: 905/990
  • Obtained in 2020

My Skills

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows (Server 2019 / 11 / 10 / 7 / XP)
  • MacOS (Catalina, Big Sur),
  • Debian-based Systems (Linux Mint, PopOS!)
  • ParrotOS / Kali Linux
  • Android / LineageOS
  • iOS 15


  • Cloning: CloneZilla, Redo-Backup, Norton Ghost, Borg, Acronis True Image 2020
  • Routers OS: OpenWRT, Cisco, HP, DELL

Network & Services

Common: SSH, (S)FTP, SNMP, Active Directory, SNMP, VLAN, iSCSI, …

Firewall: Sophos XG, UFW

Deployment: WSUS, WDS(+MDT), PXE.

VPN: WireGuard, OpenVPN, Sophos XG.

Remote Control: TeamViewer Entreprise, VNC Server.

Virtualisation: VirtualBox, VMWare ESXi/vSphere, Hyper-V, Docker/Docker-Compose.

Monitoring: Grafana + Telegraf + InfluxDB, Nagios3.

Videoconference/Collaborative tools: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Discord, Slack,


Reconnaissance: nmap, rustscan, Wireshark, DNSenum,, nslookup, dig, theHarvester, WPScan, …

Intrusive tools: Lynis, Maltego, ZAP, Metasploit, Weevely, Johntheripper, Hydra, Responder, Impacket suite, …

Data utilitaries: Disk Drill, fdisk, ddrescue, …

Password managers: KeePass, Bitwarden.

Certificates: Let’s Encrypt, OpenSSL, OpenPGP

Development: Golang, Python, C, C++, C#.

Latest Professional experience

SALPA - Geispolsheim (France)

Internship in Geispolsheim | From May 26 to August 31 2020 (2 months)

  • Creation of a security audit of the holding:
    • Social-engineering,
    • Physical Security,
    • Webservers Security,
    • Internal network & Devices Security.
  • Installation of services:
    • WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) to make sure all required updates are provided without breaking existing softwares required by the company;
    • WDS (Windows Development Services) + MDT to install new machines with all required drivers and software with the less human interaction as possible;
    • Application deployment (PDQ Deploy).
  • User help:
    • Security checks of emails gotten by people,
    • Migration from Teamviewer 6 to Teamviewer 15,
    • Changed several webservice parameters in order to better suit requirements from the company.

Past Experiences

System Administrator

Collège Paul Bert – Fécamp (76) | September 2016 – August 2019 (3 years)

  • Created internally my own C# program to list easily the school’s IT resources with the local region’s naming conventions (Normandy).
  • Consolidated computer processes while improving existing security. As a result, external hacks are cut in half.
  • Monitored and managed Active Directory, systems, network traffic, and security rules.
  • Wrote and improved existing documentation in order to solve known problems, and discover potential efficiencies.

Customer service technician for Samsung France

Webhelp France (71) | Mars – September 2015 (7 months)

  • Worked for Samsung France, for professional customers only.
  • Took care of all technical questions customers had, while reporting all system problems or software incompatibilities.
  • Learnt how to work under constant pressure and to organize myself in order to increase productivity and efficiency towards customers.

System Administrator | IT Technician

LaPsyDé (Paris – Sorbonne) | January – February 2013 (2 months)

  • Wrote a PHP/SQL application in order to help tracking local scientific articles.
  • Installed, and secured new Apple and Windows hardware.
  • Monitored in real time the IT infrastructure.
  • Created a backup system in real time for the laboratory stations.
  • Troubleshooted IT networking and hardware problems.
  • Wrote documentation on user problems encountered.


  • eSports: I’ve been part of the community for years on high-skilled competitive games such as Quake or Counter-Strike.
  • Open-Source / FOSS softwares: I am often using and contributing Open-Source softwares. A great software is always priceless.
  • Privacy: I’m doing small articles and videos that can show to people how to give more power on people’s privacy.
  • Newest technologies: I am always open on the technologies that are capable to change the World in a positive way.
  • Devices restoration: Every device has something in it that is useful, even when broken, or obsolete!

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