BaseQ Legendary games never die

October - November 2021

Game Events


Event TDM : Gordon vs G-Man

Who between G-Man and Gordon knows best about the secrets of Xen?

Half-Life: Opposing Force

Event TDM – Otis vs Barney

Who’s the best cop ruling in Half-Life’s World: Barney, or Otis? Don’t forget the beer or the donuts!

Who are we?

We'll reveal you everything.

BaseQ was initially created as a french clan created in 2010, known in several popular fast-paced shooters such as QuakeWorld, DOOM, Shootmania or Half-Life 1.

We then started hosting game servers in 2013 for competitive retro-shooters and games our team played on. We were the #1 choice of servers for several community events and european tournaments.

In 2016, we decided to stop our competitive team but only kept the servers alive for a few games we had a strong impact on the community. That is, until today, where our servers are stronger than ever, focusing on bringing many retro-shooters communities back alive.


  • We want to help older popular videogames to not be forgotten by creating different servers, tools, mods, and maps.
  • We desire to create a community focused on retro shooters with regular events.
  • We want to provide high-quality community servers where players of all skills can have fun, from a fun & casual to competitive environment.


We host servers for...

Quake (QuakeWorld)

Quake 2

Quake 3 Arena (Dreamcast, PC)

DOOM (Zdaemon)

Half-Life (Steam)

Half-Life: Opposing Force (Steam)

Prey (2006)

What makes BaseQ great?

Our servers offer the following:

  • High-Speed downloads through HTTP(S).*
  • Competitive-ready settings.
  • Quality maps ONLY!
  • Servers with low uptimes: no more unusual physics!**
  • Security patches against known attacks.
  • And of course, we always take advices from the community to make them even greater.
* Only if applicable. Quake 3 Arena users have to use Quake3e or ioQuake3 in order to get HTTP downloads. Quake II users have to use a port like R1Q2 or Q2Pro to get HTTP downloads.
** All BaseQ servers are rebooting at 6AM (GMT+1) every Monday.

News / updates

Server Updates – 17/10/2021

We added a Minecraft - Survival server, along with some...
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Server Updates – 06/10/2021

We have done some updates on our Half-Life and Quake...
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Server Updates – 28/09/2021

We added a few Half-Life servers in our server cluster...
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Server Updates – 20/09/2021

We added a few Quake 2 content in our server...
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Server Updates – 19/09/2021

We just made a few updates related to our servers....
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PREY 2006 Masterserver restored!

After days of works, I've finally managed to bring back...
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