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Need your retro fix?


We love retro-shooters, and so do you. Among the years, the popularity of these games declined for more modern shooters, but there still are communities that are still passionated about these kind of games. We decide to help them staying alive by hosting a quantity of servers from all those classics we’ve played for decades: Doom, Quake, Half-Life… The list goes on and on!

Everyone can have fun on our servers. From neophytes to veterans, everyone can find what they need, from competitive to fun, classic servers. Don’t worry about your own skill…


What makes BaseQ great?

Our servers offer the following:

  • High-Speed downloads through HTTP(S).*
  • Competitive-ready settings.
  • Quality maps ONLY!
  • Servers with low uptimes: no more unusual physics!**
  • Security patches against known attacks.
  • And of course, we always take advices from the community to make them even greater.
* Only if applicable. Quake 3 Arena users have to use Quake3e or ioQuake3 in order to get HTTP downloads. Quake II users have to use a port like R1Q2 or Q2Pro to get HTTP downloads.
** All BaseQ servers are rebooting at 6AM (GMT+1) every Monday.

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About us

BaseQ started as a clan in 2010 featuring top french players in several popular fast-paced shooters from QuakeWorld, DOOM, Counter-Strike, and Half-Life 1.

Since 2013, we started hosting game servers, bringing several retro-shooters communities back alive while attempting to add fresh content for players on every skill. You might have seen us on DOOM back in 2013, with our weekly event called the Frenchies’ Chaotic Tuesdays, featuring crazy gamemodes never seen before!

BaseQ has been for many years the #1 choice of servers for several community events and european tournaments in QuakeWorld and Doom as our community grows bigger every day.


  • We want to create content for the videogames that have become a classic.
  • We want to provide high-quality servers where players of all skills can have fun.
  • We desire to build a community that shares our passion.
  • We aim to create game events every two months.
  • Most importantly, we care about videogame preservation.