[DEVELOPMENT / BOTs] ServeMiscord

About ServeMiscord

ServeMiscord is a Discord bot created for the QuakeWorld communities by the QuakeWorld community, where players can notify everyone in real time they are looking to play games (regardless of the mode requested). It also gives the latest QuakeWorld news from the website QuakeWorld.nu .


  • Creates a ServeMe proxy giving game notifications in real time.
  • Configurable output styles to suit everyone’s tastes (IRC, Embed, Formatted)
  • Get the latest newsfeed from QuakeWorld.nu.


ServeMiscord currently requires the following permissions to work:

  • Write Messages
  • Embed Links

Commands & Settings

  • !sm_enable : Enables the ServeMiscord service on the server.
  • !sm_disable : Disables the ServeMiscord service on the server.
  • !sm_setchannel : Updates the channel desires for ServeMiscord messages.
  • !sm_stats : Shows some statistics related to ServeMiscord.
  • !sm_settings : Shows the settings that ServeMiscord currently uses.

Commands with variables

  • !sm_setstyle <value> : Changes the style for the messages. Values are:
    • 0 : Classic IRC-Like messages
    • 1 : Formatted message + Preview Embed
    • 2 : Formatted message only