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[Development / Networking ]


Odamex is an open-source multiplayer port of Doom I heavily contributed from 2016 to 2022 whose goal is to provide a classic experience while being modern and compatible with all current systems.


[ Development ]


WADverifier is a small Command Line Interface tool written in Golang. It is used to quickly check if a DOOM-Engine based IWAD is valid or not, and up to date. Optionally, WADVerifier can also check through a json file to check the validity of some PWAD files, if a list is specified.

[ Level Design ]

3 Heures d'Agonie 3

3 Heures D’Agonie 3 is the conclusion of the french Speedmapping project trilogy. The requirements to be featured in this project were the same as for the previous entry, where you had to create a whole map in 3 hours, while still being fully compatible with vanilla ports.

I only created 2 maps for this project:

  • MAP12 : Spirale
  • MAP25 : Helldoors

[ Development / Game Modding ]

Who wants to be a Doomed Millionaire?

Who wants to be a Doomed Millionaire (or WW2BADM), is a gamemode fully written in ACS. I only created the logic gamemode, not the map.

This gamemode is a homebrew reimagination of the popular game Who Wants to be a Millionaire. However, all the questions are related to Doom from various thematics, from the community, its creators, cameos, gameports, or other various medias. It features over 250 questions, from easy to very hard, in order to give players a fair level of challenge, and to make each game unique.

It contains voice acting where the host is teasing or congratulating players, according to their choices. It used original music and gave the same tensions of the original game, alone or with friends!

[ Development / Game Modding ]

The V.I.P.

The VIP is a multiplayer gamemode entirely written in ACS, a game-scripting language used by modern ZDoom-based engines.

At the start of each map, a random player is designed as the VIP. Only the VIP is able to pick up keys and to give various abilities and goodies for players. However, he cannot pickup weapons. The other players receive a random weapon, and must protect the VIP at all costs. However, if the VIP dies, a 10-seconds countdown is started, where at least a player must exit the map. Otherwise, everyone dies and the map restarts.

This gamemode was very popular when it was released, as it emphasized teamplay and communication. It also gave unique ways to play cooperative gamemodes, where every player is valuable to the game.

[ Level Design ]

3 Heures d'Agonie 2

3 Heures D’Agonie 2 is a french Speedmapping project where you have to create the whole layout and entity placement with a time limit of 3 hours. The main requirement for this project is that the maps must be 100% compatible with Vanilla DOOM2 ports. The project was released to the public in 2014.

I created 4 maps for this project:

  • MAP01 : Crash
  • MAP05 : Visions
  • MAP17 : Infiltraction
  • MAP20 : Charnage

[ Level Design ]

DFrag - Doom France Frag

DFrag was a French community project where the main goal was to create a Deathmatch map suitable at least for 4 players.

I created 2 maps for this project:

  • MAP04 : HorHole
  • MAP11 : Frite-11